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Utilities Technology Council

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Utilities Technology Council


Global market intelligence, business development and marketing strategy leader!! Great experience building and leading strategic programs and growing nimble, effective marketing organizations. Focused on building and cultivating strategic relationships with top organizations, specifically; local, state and federal government leaders, utilities, strategic partners, and consultants, as well as with media and analysts for the purpose of growing business and solving industry challenges. Marketing and Communications expertise in the creation, planning, and implementation of strategic marketing and communications activities to drive market growth and provide air cover, lead generation and measured results for sales.

Key focus areas:
* Drive the overall go-to-market strategy, positioning, planning and selling tools for solutions and services.
* Conduct market research on target markets, competitors and existing and potential clients and use the intelligence and information as input to marketing activities, development of marketing models and to identify the market requirements for current and future products and services.
* Promote a better understanding of the company’s products and related services, objectives and programs to its external stakeholders.
* Create business development programs that convey the company’s strategic direction and unique value propositions
* Drive new marketing strategies in Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Data Analytics, while also maintaining traditional marketing mix.
* Work directly with the CEO, CFO and executive team to develop, manage and implement strategic marketing and communications programs that support the organization’s mission.

Specialties: Market and Competitive Intelligence, Leadership, Team Building,Strategic Planning, Alliance Relations, Channel Marketing, B2B Marketing, Public Speaking,